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1. the hotel-style facilities

Think about your stay at boutique retreats; Remember that fuzzy feeling you get when you dig into drawers and closets and find a fancy treat? Reclaim the warm welcomes with beautiful basket bath special for your guests to use, a clean bathroom andsnuggly, and a pair of white hotel-style slippers. Your guests will appreciate the attention and instantly feel at home.

2. have important things on hand

It doesn’t take much effort to leave some backup essentials for your home, but a wise attitude will have a long-term impact.

3. Add the repository of special guest towels

Make sure you have plenty of clean towels are obviously out on screen to rescue guests have to rummage in the closet. Provides a wide range of sizes, from fabric to face bath sheet, and make it clear to your guests that this is exclusive for them to use.It may be time to invest in some new silky white towels to conjure the feeling hotel spa, or go for a touch of the bubbly with some brightly colored ones.

4. keep the hair dryer handy

A hair dryer is one of the items which guests who stay overnight will really appreciate it, especially if they haven’t thought to bring their own. Provide a hairdryer and straightener even if you have one, in an obvious location, along with useful hair products.

5. new fresh flowers and pop SOAP

Show your guests how much you care with a series of beautiful flowers. Not only will the flowers brighten You smile and encourage the guests in the morning, they willkeep your bathroom smelling fresh and fragrant. Splash out on some hand wash lotion and smart too, and your bathroom will become the zone of pamper‘s right.

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