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Bathroom storage is a headache. With all storage solutions creative almost any bathroom can be organized with style and performance. Recycling and reuse old just may be a key storage effective and conscious of their design environment.

Bath towels

Towel bars come in different styles and designs. There are cupboards and baskets,niches and wall hooks. But you can also use a wine rack to store towels, a scale is another option. Lean on other accessories that can be reallocated to this way to store towels if you do not find the package that you need.


Beauty and household products are better kept hidden away in cupboards to avoid clutter. However, if you want to keep on screen choose uniform decorative pots to store to make attractive storage.

Toilet paper rolls

Rolls of toilet paper can be stored in the vanity, shelves and cabinets side. Other accessories can also help create units of interesting storage, rolls of toilet paper,magazines, cleaning products and more.

Storage units

Recycle old furniture to create the storage unit efficient bathroom. Oldgrowth stands of Chair, safe, cloakroom or a coat and umbrella may allow interesting and decor of bathroom catcy’s eyes. These units can be used to store towels, products and other bathroom accessories.


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