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Software and services (SSC) TokenSSC is a non-transferable entry in each contract applications. They act like a store credit can be redeemed by users within a certain period (e.g. 1 year). As the use of the meter, SSC deductible and burned.

Token Information

  • Name: Cardstack Token
  • Symbol: Card
  • The token Type: ERC20 in the Ethereal
  • Jurisdiction: Zug, Switzerland
  • Hard cap: $35 million in USD
  • Soft cap: $10 million in USD
  • The token is created in TGE: 6 billion CARDS
  • The token is available to the public in the TGE: 2.4 billion cards (40%)
  • Pre-order bonus Allocation: 10%
  • KYC/AML: Yes
  • TGE date: Q1 2018 (projected)
  • Methods Of Contribution: ETH
  • List of White Addresses ethics: necessary for the fundraiser crowd
  • Individual stamp: forced by smart contracts for people’s fundraising
  • Vesting schedule: Foundation (5 years), Syndicate & Team (4 years), Ecosystem Initiatives (2 years)
  • Inflation/Mining functions: 4 billion additional tokens are distributed over 10 years to the prize pool of the bootstrap for software makers and miners analytic.
  • Number of Tokens: Maximum 10 billion CARDS in the year 2028
  • Does not include Contributors from: United States, CubaIran, North Korea

Token Distribution

The Foundation will distribute 40% of the total of Token gift card (the card) to be generated in the Token Generation Event (TGE) to the public. This token will be distributed through a series of batches to ensure fair allocation to our contributor community, while still complying with laws and regulations.


Smart contracts, devices and service Token and Token Card Token Smart contracts in ecosystems Cardstack upgradable through the registry and this abstraction directing transactions to the latest version. Token name cards written as a CST and is also referred to as “the card”. Cardstack token is a token that is traded on the basis of the standard chain Ethelum ERC-20. Software and services transferable entered in each application of the contract.

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