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Cheap Vanity Mirror With Lights. This is usually seen on television fashion show where a makeup artist working with models in front of a mirror surrounded bylights.

It is the fantasy of every want-to-be starlet or diva (even if only in your imagination):apply the make-up, styling hair thick and spritzing with the perfume of flowers whilestaring at yourself in the mirror is beautiful, functional, and comfortable dressing table vanities.

As part of the luxury furniture brings to mind glamorous old Hollywood stars, you sit Your beautiful curls, coiffing powdering your nose, and channeling your inner Marilyn. As a great addition to Your boudoir, vanity makeup is the beauty and functionality wrapped into one.

This is much more meaningful and fulfilling than doing only make-up at the counterboring bathroom.

While you may never appear on a big screen (or the small screen), you, too can experience a luxurious indulgence has to prepare for the day or evening of your activities.

Building your own vanity from beginning

First, we will look at building your own vanity mirrors with lights from the raw material, then in the next section, we’ll start with a piece of furniture that already exists.


  • 28 × 34 inch plywood sheet
  • 2 pieces of 32-inch piece of Board
  • Undercoat primer
  • Paint brush
  • Cat
  • 6 × 30 inch mirror
  • Pencil
  • 6 pieces with a rope light socket plug-ins
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Construction adhesive
  • 3-inch screws
  • 2-inch screws
  • Zip ties
  • Lights
  • Power strip


  1. Apply two coats of primer to the surface of Your side and the 28 × 34 inch plywoodsheet and 2 32inches. Let dry for 2 hours.
  2. Apply the paint evenly colored. You can choose the colors for Your lighted vanity.
  3. Lay a piece of plywood on the surface even as the floor or a table width. Make sure that it is positioned in the Center. Mark the outline with a pencil. Mirror set aside in a safe place before you continue your work.
  4. The position of the light socket into 6 pieces of plywood. Even the place 3 pieces foreach side, make sure that the space between them. Mark them with a pencil line.
  5. Make a ¼-inch hole in Center of each circle using Your drill.
  6. Holding a sheet of plywood against the place where you want to place the mirror makeup. With a pencil, trace each side of the sheet.
  7. Insert the strap through the holes then screw the socket onto the sheet of plywood.
  8. Apply the adhesive to the back of the mirror and press it in place on the plywood.
  9. Attach power strip under the mirror using the mounting screws.
  10. Drill 1/4 holes through each of three planks. Screw them into the wall using your 3-inch screws. Make sure the part painted face from the Center.
  11. Drill four holes through the wood against the wall Board. Secure using 2-inch screws.
  12. Connect the plugs of the electric six power strip. With the switch turned off, connect the cable of the strip into an electrical outlet.
Attach the bulb into the Socket 6. Turn on the power strip to light makeup mirror you.
Sufficient lighting of the vanity lights up you make makeup application easier. ThisDIY project is not going to dig a hole in your pocket, unlike vanity design.
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