Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Ideas, picture size 1600x1200 posted by admin at November 2, 2015

Floating Bathroom Vanity


Floating Bathroom VanityWhen designing a bathroom is small, it is very important to choose a sink, shower and toilet carefully, because they must have a space-saving feature. It is better to keep the fields blank, and go for wallwashing cabinets and shelves. In addition, bright rooms to get bigger and brighter screen. Considered to discussvarious Floating bathroom vanity, which is ideal for small spaces and to enhance the interior decor of the bathroom.


Liquid drops are ideal for small spaces, because the sink don’t take up floor space. The space under the sink can be left blank, or you can place the bin or other items below.Floating bathroom vanity is also available in a variety ofmetal sinks, vessel sinks,ceramic and glass sink sink. Glass sink is a better option for small bathrooms because they are easy to maintain and transparent glass creates the illusion of extra space.Ceramic white sink can also dothe same with the reflection of the light in the bathroom. Fluid models also come in several shapes, such assquare, oval and round.Rectangular ceramic forms should also be dipped in the base under the open, thus allowing the small storage capacity. However, most of the floats sink to the wall, and they agreed to keep spacefree of clutter.


The tanks are clear glass, ceramic, glass and metal even color models. Small sink this is a different shape and is designed in such a way that they can rest on the bench. They allow for tap-style accessories that make the modern look. The sink which is also a good idea for a small space, especially if you can place them near the door. This allowsyou to save a ledge outside supplies and other goods. As the name suggests, supports the pedestal sinkstands isolated in the bottom. Easy to maintain, and you can go to the color white, which adds to the overall look of the bathroom.


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