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Gambling becomes a perfect world where everyone can be successful, it could be said that sports betting and gambling came to the different life Almost everyone in the House has an internet connection for playing online games, spend time and even produce has become a much more promising and the longer growing.

If someone decided to try their luck, at any time the user can visit the Casino directly without having to leave home. That is to say everyone needs a hobby, “the concept of pleasure from the gift” but produce something profitable with placing a bet on the internet as well as earn money any time transfered directly to your wallet, card or bank account users.

Imagine you can get a fiat money and also the currency of crypto. This is possible if you visited which is fully regulated and gambling sites with all the features of the popular industry, such as sports betting, Casino, live casino, betting IN-play, eSports, and virtual sports. offer the payment of crypto-currency with Bitcoin, good for betting or payments (deposits and withdrawals).

Introduce GIFcoin

GIFcoin is a Platform that focuses on investments in the gambling industry, which will develop and support the popular gambling sites GIFcoin will fully support the as a thriving gambling sites, and GIFcoin will be the initiator in the publication and capitalization of the site Any investor who bought the token GIF issued by GIFcoin will have a promising advantage of sustainable development. Compared to the usual Platform the best thing of the GIFcoin is to create a simple gambling activity, easily accessible yet secure for everyone. In addition, GIFcoin will give you extra entertainment for users, by providing Sports Events, Live Streaming etc.

The Mechanism Of GIFcoin Workings In GIFcoin ecosystems, there are several features with a very lucrative system include the following:

  • Project work: most of the ICO just sell the idea. GIF is different that will be dedicated to work hard to create real working project –
  • Crowdfunding: Power Ipo (Initial Coin Offering/ICO) will help us develop our business and share the profits with every investor.
  • Marketing: ready, set, launch! Our marketing campaign will greatly enhance the brand, client base, and our profits.
  • Advertising: our betting Site ready for advertised, using strategies and channels of the best in the industry.
  • Rapid growth: our platform is rapidly growing Audience in the market for a new State after the success of our advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • For results: any holder of the token GIF will receive a portion of the profit VitalBet as a result of our growth and success.

GIFcoin will adopt payment systems such as Credit/Debit cards, VISA and MasterCard, and E-wallets, Skrill, Sofort, Pay safe card, etc. as well as Cryptocurrency that are currently popular like ETH, BTC etc, that would be useful as a development of the GIFcoin’s, and as the contribution of the GIFcoin in the Cryptocurrency distribution. By using Cryptocurrency, then any transactions made by users will run safely and smoothly. Team GIFcoin also designed a viewing Platform which is very user-friendly, it is intended to look or features that do not need it will not overload the User. GIFcoin team is very committed to track data that is owned by the user, because GIFcoin believe that data security is one of the most important aspects, and GIFcoin realize that this is one of the main focus.

Sale Token GIF

With this occasion, GIFcoin invite you to extend these platforms, to reach out to the wider community, with the release of a token called the token GIF, which can be bought and used by the user in the GIFcoin platform. This token will run completely using Blockchain technology and using the system ERC20. GIFcoin team designing the token to be used easily on all types of purse that support system ERC20.


  • Symbol: GIF
  • Total supply 300 million tokens
  • Price of 1 ETH = 10 000 GIF
  • Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH
  • There Is No Limit On The Maximum Purchase
  • Purchase Via: Ethereum

Roadmap GIFcoin

In conducting project development to the next stage, the team GIFcoin has devised a strategy being developed in several phases. To see the steps that GIFcoin will do, you can see it through the following Roadmap:

Team GIFcoin

Supported by everyone, and the most important GIFcoin to have a team that is very reliable in their field. Here we introduce the team from GIFcoin:
If you want to get further information. You can access the link that we provide below:
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Whitepaper :
Twitter : GIFcoin_io
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Profile BTT:;u=1704669

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