HONOR-Token Based On The Technology Of Blockchain Ethereal

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What are the coins HONOR?

Coins to honor this is an evidence in connection with the innovation blockade Echeeum. This is the main component in a scene described in the Jub new event. Customers with HONOR can sell them to the Administration contract, winning them on stage Jubs, use it in addition to administration experts who are seconded, or sell it as a form of safe guardians in the joint venture.

Can I replace my HONORARIUM?

HONOR the currency purchased in the initial token bids can be transferred after the sale of tokens

What price HONOR?

HONORARIA will be sold at the ETH fixed with bonus periods as described on this page. The goal is to raise the equivalent of $15 million by selling 100 million ET Token HONORARIUM that will determine exchange rates and will be determined immediately before the contract is executed.

How can I invest in HONOR?

During the period of the launch/time contributions, you can send Your ETH to contract a comeback that will soon be released to automatically receive Your token HNR.

After submitting the ETH to our address, our smart contracts automatically calculates the number of tokens by sending it directly to HNR your wallet. To ensure maximum efficiency and security, all transactions are carried out based on a reasonable contract from the Ethereal network

* Just send ETH from ports that are compatible with ERC20, such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mist, or Parity. Do not send from the stock exchange such as the CoinBase or Poloniex because you will lose your money.

By submitting Your ETH to Jubs, you ensure that you have read and agree to the trade marks FEES.


Develop opportunities for 50 + billion/year

From young professionals who are involved in the work of Latin America, advertise

The unemployment rate among young people compared with adult specialist

Independent experts only in the U.S. until the year 2020

Developing business sector digital currency only in the year 2017

The reliability

By using their HONORtokens Jubs, an expert can offer service contracts.

The quality 

Through the machine pictures, animation or Jubs workstation is reflected in the level of their value.


Customers who are very popular in scene Jubs, compensate for some of the clashes that may occur between the client and the expert.

A few words about ICO and ICO pre-order now in progress token, HNR, and about the team who stands behind this project.

63 million coins will be available with a total value of 100 million. All revenues related to the period of the initial contribution will be used to finance research, development & information security sector and international expansion. 5% of the currency will be used as working capital between the phase of membership FEES in bulk and buying back the currency investor at the exchange partner, the other 5% will be part ofthe machine awards as incentives for good reputation and the involvement of the courts among the users of the platform is Also 10% of the coins will be distributed evenly among the members of the team will number JUBS frozen in smart contracts for 2 years. The remaining values will be distributed between the launch and Marketing Advisor of the project.

HONOR is token utilities:

According to Howie, token tests that have a utility function on platforms and investor or buyer not getting rewards or interest only by investing in the token is considered a token utilities. Currency of HONORARIA should be used by the superior platform for rent and receive jobs. The coins HONOR has a utility function in our platform

HNR will be sold in the relationship period remain with ETH bonus. The goal is to raise the equivalent of $15 million by selling 100 million ET token HONORARIUM, which will determine the exchange rate and will be determined before the execution of the contract.

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