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How Much does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

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Before doing a bathroom renovation, you can determine what kind of bathroom you want to create. How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? That’s the big question for most people. To minimize the budget in remodel or renovate the bathroom, you can look for multiple reference models and designs on the internet than consult to the architecture. Do a survey of prices for building materials savings on bathroom remodeling. If you can look for the store building which implemented a system of payment by means of credit, you can be more elaborate money. In addition you can also allocate money to other expenses that cannot be repaid as the salary contractor or builder. Try to find a contractor or builder with experience in designing a bathroom. Ask friends, colleagues or co-workers to find a reliable and experienced contractor. You can choose a contractor with a contract system. It will usually be cheaper than daily contractor. The last way to save on the cost of remodeling a bathroom is to choose bathroom furniture at a cheap price. If your bathroom furniture can still be used, you can just clean it to look cleaner. If you need to replace the furniture choose the furniture with good quality. Do not buy furniture that is cheap and of poor quality. It will make the furniture easily damaged and make you spend remodeling the bathroom again.

A best bathroom must be supported with adequate lighting. It is also one way to give the impression of luxury in the bathroom. The first step is to find the reference. Find the right design for your new bathroom. Browse the pages of a design magazine, or the use of social media to collect your source of inspiration. Today many available ceramics and tools showers results replicas of luxury goods. For example, a ceramic that looks like marble. The quality is different from the original item, but the unoriginal one is sometimes has the same quality. Professional contractor should be able to provide work schedules and material needs. Together with the contractor, you can adjust your budget that is able to meet and budget designed by the contractor.

Here are the average arrangement of expense to remodel the bathroom with size 3 meters and height 4.5 meter.

  • Bricks: 75 pieces x $ 2.1 = $ 157.5
  • Cement: 7 sacks x $ 22.2 = $ 155.4
  • Sand = $ 200
  • Ceramic 15m2 x 100 pcs = $ 100
  • Sink and vanities = $ 299.9
  • Shower = $ 36.45
  • Wages for a labor 6 days x $ 86.76 = $ 520.56
  • Total = $ 1.990.37

For Note: The toilet is used the previous one. The estimation can be changed by the homeowner and based on the need.


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