Paint Bathroom Cabinets Dark Brown

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How to Get Good Painted Bathroom Cabinets

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If you are getting bored of your outdated bathroom cabinets, painted bathroom cabinets could be a great option then. Painting your old bathroom cabinet is such a cheap yet effective way to give your bathroom cabinet an updated look. As you know, painting bathroom cabinet is easy to do but there are also several factors you need to consider. However, before getting ready to paint them all, it would be better to read these tips below.

Check the cabinet material

When it comes to have painted bathroom cabinets, make sure to check the material of them. Cabinets which are made of laminated are not suitable for painting since the paint will not stick. Nevertheless, metal, wood veneer and wooden cabinets are great options as they will be nice to be painted.

Preparation is the key

Now that you have many decoration ideas, just keep in mind that preparation is the key. It would be better to plan everything before doing some actions as it could make you awkward and ending up painting in inappropriate place. First of all, it would be better to detach and unscrew all the door handles and hinges and then put them out. It’s also easier to remove all cabinet doors rather than painting them when they are attached to the cabinet.

Cleaning the cabinet surface

After that, make sure that the surface of your cabinet is dust free. It’s great to clean the surface with trisodium phosphate which is well known as cleaning agent and degreaser that can easily be found in DIY stores. Rinse it off with water and then leave it to dry before sand it down using sand-grit paper to make them smooth before applying the paint. It will create lots of fine dust that’s important to clean up appropriately by using a damp cloth. When the surface is ready to be painted, stick masking tape in the region of the surface edges that adjoins the wall and in the region of the inside cabinet edges. If you don’t plan to paint the inside part, then it will help you to achieve neat finish.

Painting the cabinet

Now that you are ready to paint your cabinet, prepare all stuffs needed. Consider using roller or rush to paint it down. Roller is generally good to cover large areas without parting detectable brush-strokes as well. Opt for a satin enamel paint or cabinet specialist paint that is commonly available from hardware stores. Now, get ready for have beautiful painted bathroom cabinets.


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