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About PayPro
PayPro is a decentralised bank for dealing with a new eco-system, in which value is represented by intelligent contracts in new forms. Thus, PayPro is a decentralized financial marketplace where any dApp can announce its services. We are also developing a wallet where users are able to store crypto currencies and all ERC20 tokens.
After we have built PayPro, for examplea user will be able to store eth, BTC or gas andfor instance,
Market place for investments in a Crowdfunding platform. Similarly, the shares that are used by this investment in the form of
Tokens are also stored at PayPro. This will represent all crypto assets and liabilities of a person in PayPro.
PayPro was born in 2015 as an online tool for paying in 25 currencies saving up to 90% on hidden bank fees. We have regulated by the Financial Conduct 
Authority, raised two financing rounds of €750,000 overall and spent a bit more than a year on the market. We have managed to process €500,000 per month which is not bad compared to the early beginnings of Kantox or TransferWise, for example.

Decentralized application

PayPro’s marketplace is built as a decentralized application, also known as DAPP. According to David Jonhston, a dApp must meet some criteria to be considered as such:
The application must be open-source developed, it must operate autonomously, and the majority of the tokens cannot be controlled by an entity. In addition, proposed improvements and market feedback can be adjusted in the minutes.
A cryptographic token is required to access the application and reward any value contribution from miners or contributors.
Tokens must be generated as evidence of the value generated for the application.
A decentralized Blockchain must be used to store data and records about the operation in order to avoid any single point of failure.

PayPro Product


Our first stage of development after closing the token sale is to integrate Ethereumto build a wallet. This wallet will be able to store all common crypto currencies and all tokens that have been purchased in our marketplace.


After the wallet is built, we will start working in a marketplace where any decentralized financial application will be able to simply deliver its services to the portfolio. Users evaluate and review services in order to establish a ranking of the suppliers.



  • 20% are reserved for the current team and above all the motivational packages of the future team members.
  • 20% will be held by PayPro, under the control of the community, in order to achievefuture sustainability through the distribution of net revenue.
  • 15% are earmarked for early investors and donors and future partnerships.
  • 5% would be distributed in the community over time as rewardsfor R&D and bounties.


  • Pablo RuizCEO
  • Gabriel LlambiasCFO, COO
  • Enric GiribetCTO
  • Qijiong JiangBlockchain developer
  • Roger BaigetDeveloper
  • David MurrayMBA class Advisor @ IE Business School
  • Maximilian von Sethe-Finance & Banking manager at Google
  • Luis font2 companies leaving
  • Rafael Conde del Pozodirector of Innovation @ Vector ITC Group
  • Franc CarrerasMarketing prof. @ ESADE
  • Julian VinueConsultant


November 2017
Proofofconcept release: An iOS app that can hold and output BTC is launched on the market.
December 2017
Project management: We are going to spend 1 – 2 months planning the development.
February 2018
Kick-off: all the necessary rentals and cooperation will be done and the development will begin.
February 2018
Ethereum Integration: Ethereum Wallet integrated so users can store all the important tokens in our wallet.
July 2018
Launch: We will open a dApp market place where all suppliers will be able to integrate and offer their services.

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