Refinishing Bathtubs Options

Refinishing Bathtubs Options, picture size 600x275 posted by admin at August 28, 2015

Refinishing bathtub options-depending on the material that your bath tub is made of,you might have a desire to refinish than to replace it. If Your tub is made of cast ironor porcelain, fiberglass, can berefinished. Then in terms of the cost will be cheaper than by replacing the bathtub refinishing cost depends on several factors, among others, on the abolition of the tub, disposal, new tubs and their own costs, as well as installation. This is especially true for “bath“, like the old foot claw tubs. For example, both the finished store, painting company who are experts in Boston, for the price, we have a common price list data that is $ 349 as a standard price for refinishing a bathtub, while the style of the vintage tub foot claw is often listed in the high $ 900 into the thousands. How did you get the information you’re looking for?

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