Replace Bathroom Vanity DIY

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Replace Bathroom Vanity DIY


Replace Bathroom Vanity DIY – replace bathroom vanity requires careful planning, but this is a pretty easy project with basic plumbing jobs, directly. In shopping for a dressing table, balancing ease of installation with the aesthetics and ease of use.Weekend Warriors should try to line up vanity with studs, pipes and drain, which will make installation simple. I learned this the hard way.


Buy the right size of arrogance, or learn the hard way


I spent a few months replacing cabinets and vanities in a House that has been guttedafter Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes, a layout of the tile makes it clear that the oldvanity fits in the corner. First, I thought I would try to emulate the layout with newvanities, different shaped, only to learn the pipes is off-center and hassle to hook up.


The lesson for most homeowners is to measure the space and buy the futility of the right size. This is much easier than looking for unique and oddsize dressing table and try to shoehorn into the space. In small bath, make sure that the futility of not too deep for the space. Also don’t buy something that is too broad or narrow. Most important, the center of the sink in front of the drainage pipe.


Make sure the new level of arrogance


Make sure that Your pride is level, even if the other floors or tiles already cut aroundthe shape of the old vanity. I also learned the hard way that it’s easier to double onshims and increases side down instead of trying to cut off the sides of the tile and drop.


Make sure there are studs behind the counter sink


Make sure that there is at least one stud behind Your vanity. Most vanities have asolid board behind nailing support boards to the wall. However, I run into cases where I had to cut the pipe nailer Board, making the Board is weak and unstable. In such cases, I am bound to 2 – 4 with driving screws through the edge of the back of thevanity to the ends of the wood. Then I screwed the 2-by4 or nailer to a wall Stud.


Install a separate vanities. Already done by Gala, not glue


This desk is usually a separate section. To reduce Your workload while narrow under the vanity, hand on the table and attach the drain pipes, including traps, and attachthe supply lines to the faucet. Then run the bead is completed by the Gala at the top and flip You sink to the Cabinet the Cabinet, pushing tight against the wall, and added more caulk between the table and the wall. The end of the end of “learning the hard way I: liquid nails adhesive and other construction endlessly. If you need to replacethe Cabinet or sink, then still relatively easy to cut a line of caulk, but you rarely can separate two surfaces that are stuck with heavy-duty Glue.


Finally, connecting pipe

  If the pipe is lined up correctly, the pipe is very simple. Attach the hoses to the hot and cold supply lines are flexible pipes for each of them, then attach fixture channeldirectly back into the drainage pipe (and make sure to add the washing machine to help prevent leakage). Plan ahead, learn from mistakes and pre-attach Your pipe.Install the vanity can be simple and easy.



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